Introducing a new chapter to our classes can be a wonderful opportunity for us math teachers to integrate fun, artistic, memorable and meaningful activities. The activity will help students recall some important concepts we want to convey as they have participated in something that is unique, unusual and creative.

I had the privilege to introduce the chapter on Cartesian Plane Coordinate System to Grade 7 students and figured out to use the tiled floor of the classroom as the grid (cartesian plane). Black adhesive tapes were used to represent the x-axis and y-axis. Large sized numbers were also printed and taped on the equally distanced lines made by the tiles along the axes. I also pre-taped some locations (marked x) of my discussion on identyfing/writing the coordinatess of a point.

Since i taught 4 classes, it would have been very difficult if i had to prepare all four classrooms. So, I searched for an extra room in the campus and luckily, there was one Meeting Room available. Phew! I only asked each of my classes to come to this room during our time for the activity and discussion on Cartesian Plane. It took me two days to print and prepapre the classroom for this awesome activity.

The floor after taping the adhesives and numbers.

The chairs have been moved to the sides togive room for the students to move around during activity times. They had to sit on the floor during discussion moments.

After sharing Rene Descartes’ story behind the Cartesian Plane and the important details of the system such as origin, x-axis, y-axis, quadrants I to IV, etc, each student was given a paper with a pair of coordinates. Their task is to find the location/position of the point indicated.

In this part of the discussion, students were asked about the horizontal/vertical distance between points.

Students were finding the possible location of triangle’s third vertex given the coordinates of the other two vertices and the area of the triangle.

A pose after our wonderful and exciting session.